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Jake Richardson
Associate Director
08 8211 8993

An accountant since 2009, I bring a breadth of experience for my clients.

Having worked in both public practice and commercial finance roles here at home in Australia (Sydney & Adelaide) as well as abroad (London, UK & Toronto, Canada).

I particularly enjoy working with businesses to analyse, assess, formulate, articulate and execute strategic growth plans. Whether that be implementing organic growth measures, raising capital, negotiating strategic partnerships or completing corporate transactions I can assist via the following types of activities:

  • Detailed strategic reviews, plans and modelling,
  • Negotiating & generally facilitating M&A transactions,
  • M&A Due Diligence processes,
  • Budgeting and financial modelling,
  • Managing banking relationships and funding agreements,
  • Managing complex shareholder and Board reporting.

I have worked with businesses of all sizes including large public multinationals, such as BBC Studios, large private businesses, such as Harrods Department Store London and Blue Ant Media, and a wide variety of private or family-owned SMEs across a wide variety of industries.

Industries with which I am particularly familiar, include:

  1. Television production, distribution and broadcasting;
  2. Retail;
  3. Wine & Viticulture;
  4. Building, Construction, Trades & Property.

In 2018 I was lucky enough to marry my beautiful wife Tayla, and whilst we were living abroad, we welcomed our son Wesley into the world.

Together with our French bulldog (Pickle) we moved back home to Adelaide in late 2021 and have been undertaking the mammoth task of restoring the family home built by my great grandfather in 1924. Meaning most of my spare time is spent playing with or otherwise caring for Wesley, walking Pickle or trying my hand at being whatever type of amateur tradesman is required.